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Hello, Lobo from the 912, Birmingham, "Rattlesnake Crew", just stopping by to say hello, and looking forward to riding with my new brothers and sisters. I live in Decatur, retired military, Army. Love riding!

 Fran Kianka

Thank you for honoring the memory of Bob Saget.
Love you always, Bob

 Jonathan Anderson

Met with Prescott and Phoenix members in Queen Creek tonight at San Tan Flats and loved it. Thanks everyone!
Ride Hard!

 Larry Hall

hello from Arkansas


Our Guardians of the Children group had the pleasure of meeting the Treasurer of your group based in Prescott AZ. His generous donation will help us bring back the childhood that so many abused children lose. Again, thank you for what you do. JC, Treasurer, GOC Show Me Midwest


Hello all From Abbotsford BC

 Noah Nassief

I just want to say how grateful I am to be awarded an Educational Scholarship from the Iron Legacy Motorcycle Club. My Dad, Scout has been with the club for the past four years and I have enjoyed doing charity events with him and his chapter like Feed the City. Thank you again for the scholarship. It will help me in my tuition for the University of Arkansas.

 Jennifer Lewis

Just wanted to say I love what you guys do and support!

 Richard Blair

Hello from Iowa! Big respects to ILMC... I had the priviledge of speaking with Royal, I believe He is located in Kansas? Anyhow what a cool cat! Very direct and solid fella and hope to meet him some day. Be blessed and stay safe y'all. MH&R from Iowa.

 Chris Carter

I wanted you to think everybody for giving me a chance to ride with you yesterday at the 911 memorial I had a great time love to do that again sometime. Much love


I left my credit card at a bar. Bentley found my card and immediately turned it over to the right people. He saved me that night. I will forever be grateful for Bentley and the entire Iron Legacy.

 Ben Williams

The sergeant at arms of your Conway, Arkansas chapter did me a solid today, and I thought someone should hear about it. My wife and I were out riding today and stopped for fuel, bike wouldn't start afterwards. Killswitch (SAA) sat with my wife at a gas station while his prospect took me to my house to get my truck to boost the bike off. Very respectful man, and very honorable to sit with a strangers wife to keep an eye on her. Your club and this man have the highest respect from me. Thank you!


 Michael Natus

We want to send out a BIG THANK YOU to Ron Parish and his family for spending 2 hours on the side of #169 July 2 waiting for a tow truck. It was greatly appreciated. So nice to know there are such kind people still in the world. Thanks again!!

 Pappy Klinesmith

I want to thank the club for all the donations today for the caring place. A community outreach facility. Operated by several churches in the community. On 6/6/2021 at 1o’clock pm this club dropped of clothes shoes toys and groceries to be distributed to the community. Along with fellow members who also helped to bring it inside. We were truly blessed by them today as the community will prosper from their donations. Thanks to all who helped. Sam and Dragonfly thanks for reaching out and help setting this up.

 Pamela Grossman

Thank you Sister hearts for all the prays..Road to Recovery...

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